super clean glue microfiber dust tools

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Weight: about 73g

Material: Disinfectants, preservatives, boric acid, methyl p-benzoic acid, spices

Color: Yellow,Blue, green (random delivery)

Use: To make those difficult to clean items like keyboard and car accessories.



Revolutionary cleaning products, innovative multi-purpose soft, cleaning function is not comparable to traditional cleaning supplies.

Semi-liquid material, easily into the rugged surface or narrow cracks and other difficult to reach the place, strong sticky debris, hair, 

debris, dust, and leave a touch of fragrance.

Can be recycled several times without cleaning, value convenience.

Environmental formula can be natural decomposition, safe and pollution-free.



Step 1: remove the clean Gel from the bag and knead it by hand for 30 seconds to increase flexibility

Step 2: At the crevices of the items to be cleaned, on the rough surface, press the clean Gel and then pull up

Step 3: After use, put it back in the bag and seal it



1. Please wash your hands before use (this product has a certain degree of humidity and viscosity, when the hands have dirt, sweat, 

sundries, it is easy to cause sticky hands, because the cleaning gel will adsorb the column when the rubbing objects, resulting in Sticky

2. Moderately knead the clean gel before use

3. Cleaning Gel pressed on the body for 3-5 seconds, can not be placed on the surface for a long time

4. Do not clean high-temperature items, telephone receiver, earphone jack, charging hole

5. After use, please put it back in the bag to keep the humidity and viscosity


Package Included:

1 x Clean Gel (Ziplock bag packaging)