Funky Sandwich Cut-Outs

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Get your children excited and involved in the preparation of their sandwiches.

Funky Sandwich Cut-Outs Set includes a butterfly, an elephant, a dolphin, a heart, a dinosaur, a puppy, a car as well as a five-pointed star and a puzzle. Turn any of boring sandwich into a fun shaped lunch for your kids!

All you need to do is make your sandwich, push the sandwich cutter down and that’s all, your kid’s favourite sandwich is ready. Perfect for kid’s school lunches, fun for picnics, birthday parties, or all food decorating needs.

made to cut clean sharp edges

great as a pancake mould or for cutting cookie dough, cakes, cookies, fondant, soft fruits, bread, cheese, jello, desserts and more

designed to capture the most amount of bread to minimize waste

made of fully ABS FDA certified food grade plastic

dishwasher safe and fully recyclable

9 different fun molds

Make any occasion a wild time with this 9 pieces set of assorted animals and designs.