Burger Patty Maker Mold

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1.Food-grade aluminum material die casting working, non-stick coating for quick, complete patty release 


2.It is a perfect partner for diy hamburg, consistently form perfect quarter pound patties of uniform size and shape to cook or freeze quickly.


3.Detachable comfort-grip handle, for a safe grip and interior ridges to give patty a ribbed surface


4.Non-stick coating ensures quick patty release, beef, chicken, turkey, pork and vegetable burgers, enjoy the ease of use! you can choose according to your tastes kind meatloaf.


5.Dishwasher safe, easy to use and clean, applicable outdoor sports, gifts tools, home essential, camping, et.


6.It is not only meatloaf mold, but also barbecue plate, can be heated directly on the fire / iron and other heating appliances, great to meet the needs of consumers. 


1 Set Round Shape Hamburger Press Aluminum Alloy 11cm Hamburger Meat Beef Grill Burger Press Patty Maker Mold 

Item Name;hamburger mold 


Size;as the picture