9-inch Zanmini stainless steel vaporizer

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-  Unmatched quality:

Our basket is made of 100 percent food grade 304 stainless steel that looks like perfect brushed metal - it doesn't rust, corrodes and steams in the pots. FDA approved? Safe and healthy, you can make nutritious food for your family safely. In addition, with a good heat conduction capacity, it will allow you to heat your food quickly.

-  Food steamer:

Excellent viability? Cooking tool Ideal for steaming vegetables, meat, seafood and more. In addition, the basket can steam food, such as dessert, eggs, pasta, etc. Most importantly, when you use our steam basket for cooking without losing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Simply place it in the pot or steamed pan and you'll love it. It is extremely easy to use and an impressive gift for your family and friends.

-  Multiple functions:

Serves as a fruit container. After washing the fruit, you can pick it up in the basket. A beautiful decoration for your kitchen. It can be used as a strainer to filter extra water when you make salad. A container can give you more options.

-  Unique construction:

Folding design: expandable diameter up to 9 inches. It is adjustable to fit pots or pans of various sizes. It opens like a pretty water lily to collect a lot of food and closes to become compact to save storage space. Steam any meal in seconds. Tons of circular perforations make the steam pass, and you will taste a nutritious meal instantly. Adopt high quality PP material, the grip is heat insulated, make sure you do not burn when you move the basket from the pot or pan.

-  NON-STICKY and easy to clean:

Cleaning is easy as the breeze. One-body design: food cannot be hidden! You just have to wash it underwater and brush it. In addition, it is completely safe for dishwashers.