Refund and Exchange Policy

A refund or a product replacement is applicable to the following:

  1. Long shipping times or delays
  2. Damage or Defective Products
  3. Lost or Stolen Products


1. Long shipping times or delays:

For +5 days longer than the estimated shipping time of the supplier, we will gladly refund you. Please refer to shipping time estimates from our shipping information page:  Please allow 3 to 5 business days for processing to ship out your order.

2. Damaged or Defective Products:

If you receive a product that is damaged or defective, we will gladly issue a refund or replacement as long as it's within 30 days of an order being delivered. Proof of the damaged or defective product in the form of a high quality image or video is required. You can send the high quality image and / or video over to our support team at

Note: For certain products, it may be difficult for us to determine if something is actually damaged or defective (a technical device for example). In rare scenarios like this, we will have to make a judgement call. This decision will be much easier to make if you provide us with as much information as possible about the damaged or defective product, and ensure that the high quality images and videos showcase the damage or defect.

3. Lost or Stolen Products:

There are some things that are simply out of our control. Very rarely, an order may be lost in transit, or stolen, but it can happen especially during peak holidays. In this case, we'll work with you to do what we can to make things right.


To start your refund or exchange request, please email