Wire Brush Cleaning Kit Gun 4pcs Nylon Pick Set Universal Hunting Accessory Cleaning Tactical Rifle Cleaning Tools

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General all-purpose cleaning kit helps you to to remove carbon,grime and debris off your firearms, keeps your firearms performing at their best.

Our picks are designed to get into small cracks and crevices.The ploymer pick is perfect for light cleaning and prevent scratching.

Our brushes each have a large end and a small end for cleaning all sorts of hard-to-reach spaces.The brass brush easily removes hard carbon deposits and fouling on bolt faces and gas pistons.The copper brush to remove external rust is generally reserved for finer firearms, The nylon brush is perfect for trigger groups, small parts, and slide rails.The steel brushes can be used in special situations.


Type: Gun Cleaning kit

Material: Plastic,Stainless Steel, Nylon

Length:Steel wire(17cm); Pick (20.5cm)

Weight: 50g

Used for: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

Feature: Durable, Lightweight, Compact