Portable double Layer Electric Heating Lunch Box

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Product Description: Main Material: ABS

Capacity: 1.05L

Rice Box: 0.6L

Dish Box: 0.45L

Voltage: 110 V-240 V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Working Voltage: 12 V

Size: 25x16x12 cm / 9.84 "x 6.3" x 4.72

Power : 40 W

Plug Type: EU Plug, US Plug

Color: Green, Red, Orange, Blue


This Electric Lunch Box is made from food-grade ABS material and 304 stainless steel, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so it is good for the health.

This device will not piping your food hot! It will be lukewarm. With this heating design. You can warm your food anytime and anywhere without microwave, you can have a hot meal. The unit is intended to heat the food to a warm level, not a cooking temperature level.

The removable stainless steel container and the individual plastic box makes it easy to be put different types of food, and the extra spoon is beneficial for you to eat foods.

It is very convenient to have your meal with you. And the waterproof design of the plug port can keep it out of the water while not heating, very safe.

With this Electric Lunch Box, you can heat up your meal at school, in the office, or during travel.

Package Included:

1 x Portable Meal Food Lunchbox

1 x Food box

1 x Spoon

1 x Power cord

1 x Manual


Heating food soup:

1. Please put cooked food in the rice container and dishware container.

2. Open the socket stopper and plug in the power cord.

3. Switching power supply, power indicator, and soup started.

Note: the heating time depends on the amount of rice, vegetables, and indoor temperature.


1. due to low power consumption, it takes 25 minutes to heat the food at 25 °.

2. When the food is in the fridge, the heating time should be extended well.

3. Please unplug the power cord before eating.

4. Open the exhaust cover before the Lunchbox