Food Preservation Kitchen Tray

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Creative food preservation tray

New idea of ​​fresh food of 2019, magical elastic fresh tray, can keep your food fresh for a long time. The black Science and Technology elastic film is adopted to resist the pressure and impact of the puncture, to reach the reusable level. Very creative buckle design, easy to use, firmly block food, avoid overflow. Suitable for life at home, camping, party, etc.

Suitable for refrigeration cabinets, small refrigerators and other facilities.

Multiple overlay, space saving and more practical.

High quality material can be reused after cleaning.

Buckle design makes it easy to seal food.

Keep your food fresh for a long time.

Elastic film of magic technology, environmental protection, anti-pollution, convenient cleaning. Reusable, from now on he refuses to use disposable plastic containers and plastic bags. Protect the environment and the health of your family.


Preservation layer material: advanced elastic film.

Tray material: Environmental Protection PP.