Grinding Tools Manual

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Material: ceramic

Size: 17 * 16 * 2.5 cm

Color: white

Quantity: 1

Type: Mill

Theme: home, garden Product

name: Grinding

disc Package content: Grinding disc * 1

Uses: daily food condiments Cooking are similar to grinding garlic and ginger juice, as well as grinding baby food.


1. It is a good cooking dish for ginger, garlic, onions and spices.

2. You can make fruit, carrot or ketchup for your baby in a few minutes.

3. Sharp teeth can help you cut ginger or fruit quickly.

4 The tall teeth extract the ginger pulp while leaving the fibers, and the two supports on the side help pour the juice.

5. Health materials: the grater is made of hard porcelain, swarm and antifouling.

6. Lead free, toxins free, use health.

7. Easy to care for: porcelain is free of stains and is easy to clean.

8. Food and juice You cannot stick to this dish.

9. Heat resistant, dishwasher and microwave.

Letter size:

Size: 17 * 16 * 2.5 cm

Package includes: 1 * Mill