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Save energy sources efficiently environment-friendly stabilize the voltage balance the current

Source stand current waveform protect devices

Prolong the life of the electric devices easy

Usage no need maintenance

Adopt the latest and high-efficient technique of Germany to save electricity


Technical parmeter:

Rated voltage:90-250V

Rated frequency:50-60Hz

Useful load:18000W

Working temperature: - 60-75 degree


Guide to use:

Plug the electricity saved box in to any sockers at home.

According to the electric appliances quantity and loading carry can use one or several stanzas electric appliances,can immediately attain the electricity-saved effect.

Simple operation,no need maintenace,no need pay too more attention.

After installing,however develop the effect.



When using,please be careful when pluging into the sockers.Don't too rude,avoid damage.

After using,don't take off too often.Avoid influencing the result of saving electricity.

Don't let the kids touch it.Assure the safety.

When using,if the indicated doesn't light,please ask the local agents to exchanger or mend.

Please don't open or mend by yourself.

Package include

1X Electricity Saving

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