500ml Travel USB Rechargeable Electric Mixer Bottle Juicer Blender

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500ml portable juicer cup USB rechargeable electric automatic Bingo vegetables fruit juice tool maker blender cup Bottle Mixer

Name: Juicer bottle glass

Product size: 80 * 80 * 250mm

Capacity: 500 ml

Battery capacity: 2600 mAh

How to use:  1. Fully charge the battery before first use, sterilize the cup using boiled water 2. Place fruits or vegetables in the bottle and then pour milk or water to fill 85% of its volume 3. Press the power button during 2 seconds to start (quickly press the button twice for the blade to rotate) 4. After 30-60 seconds, a cup of fresh juice is ready to serve Color: red / blue / Green / pink Material: plastic 



1 turn off the power before charging, the red light indicates that the charge is in progress, if you do not turn off the power and charge directly it will activate the self-protection of the battery and will cause an invalid charge (indicates blue light)

2. The juice It cannot be used while charging.

3. Make sure the cup is properly tightened each time before pouring the liquid inside to avoid leaks.

4. Do not put the connetor in water while washing it.

5. Do not force the juicer to operate under a heavy load to prevent overheating of the electronic components, which may result in a reduction in the product's lifetime.

Package content:

1 x juicer cup

1 USB charging cable

1 x user manual

Only the contents of the previous package, other items are not included.