Flower Napkin Holder

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LOOM NAPKIN HOLDER: Set of 4 Green Stemmed Flower Napkin Holders. Replace those ordinary Napkin Rings with an innovative and Fresh looking set of Bloom Napkin Holder.

CREATE COLORFUL FLOWER PETALS WITH BLOOM NAPKIN HOLDER: Insert a folded PAPER NAPKIN in the designated slot and twist. It’s that simple When folded, Bloom Napkin Holder forms a beautiful and elegant flower bud that can be showcased on a table, platter, vase, or plate

WANT TO SURPRISE YOUR GUESTS with Rose fold? Maybe a Tulip, Calla Lily or Amaryllis fold? Follow the illustrations inside the package and create flower folding that will amaze your guests.

PERFECT FOR ANYTIME you host family and friends, Parties and dinners.