3D LED Wall Alarm Clock Modern Design Nightlight

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Battery:CR2032 (for memory time when cut off power, not included, clock is powered by USB cable)

Size:24*9*4cm (larger than other store's)

Power supply :DC 5V 0.75W

Comprehensive settings:

1.General setting:

Long press "set" button to set "12/24H"-"Time"-"Year"-"Date"-"C/F" by "+" and "-" buttons .(tap"set" button to enter next setting)

2. Brightness mode setting:

Tap "+" button- "L-SL" four levels of automatic sensitivity in sleep mode ;"L-AU" three levels of automatic sensitivity ;"L-01" first  brightness ;"L-02" second brightness ;"L-03" third brightness ;turn off the display .such a cycle operation .

3.Display mode setting:

Long press "+" button to switch display mode: 

(1) Display Time Only    

(2) Time,Date,Temperature Cycle Display

Alarm settings:

1.Tap "-" button to open/close alarm

2.Long press "-" button to enter alarm setting

3.Start snooze:

rings ,tap any clock key to start snooze ,alarm indicator light flashes slowly

4.Turn off the alarm:

when the alarm clock rings ,long press any key to turn off alarm ,enter the next alarm state