Foam Soap Dispenser - FDQ Model

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【Instruction for Use】


1. This product is suitable for most foam type hand sanitizers.


2. If you add thick liquid (such as emulsion) hand sanitizer, you could mix 5-8 times volume of pure water (which may affect the tactile sensation and product life).


3. The product recommend using dry batteries,not use rechargeable batteries.


(1) Product name: Automatic Touchless Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser

(2) Product color: White

(3) Capacity: 350ML

(4) Product size: 19 * 7.3 * 10CM

(5) Color box packing: 21 * 11 * 8 MM


Basic parameters:

Main material: ABS

Rated voltage: 6V

Battery type: 4 AA alkaline batteries

Working temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Operating humidity: 0% —85% RH

When the voltage drops to 4V, the blue light flashes once a second until the battery can't supply the whole machine.



1. Automatic induction bubble generation: infrared induction technology, ultra-fast induction time is only 0.25s, making life more convenient. When you reach the sensing area (the sensing distance is 0-5cm), it will automatically emit dense bubbles. Gentle air bubbles penetrate the pores and clean your hands.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection: a novel saving method and innovative bubble pump technology can convert liquid into foam and reduce the usage by 50%. Miniature high-efficiency motor, low power consumption and quieter.

3. Simple design: The classic simple design style is the exquisite fashion item in your home. The hand sanitizer bottle is made of high-grade matte material, which is clear and clean, and you can check the usage at any time.

4. Widely used: IPX3 waterproof grade, can easily deal with the environment of water mist, water vapor and water droplets on the sink, and can be easily integrated into various environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Provide users with high-quality, elegant hand washing experience.



1. Touch the key to turn on the automatic phone washing.

2. It is recommended to wash your hands first to get wet.

3. Reach out to the sensing area to get rich foam.

4. It is recommended to rub your hands thoroughly.

5. After washing with water, dry your hands.



1. Do not immerse the product in water or wash it directly with water to avoid short circuit.

2. When installing or replacing hand sanitizer, do not tilt the bottle. If there is a small amount of liquid flowing out, it is normal and can still be used normally after wiping it clean.

3. Do not use non-foaming hand sanitizer for replacement, otherwise it may cause machine failure.

4. Store this product in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight or close to heat sources.

Product Name: Auto Sensing Foam Soap Dispenser

Product material: Stainless steel

Product Size: diameter 7.5 * Height 18.5

Packing size: 9.5*8.5 *CM

Product Packaging: English color box packaging neutral packaging with instruction book


Product Name: Automatic Induction Foam Soap Dispenser

Material: ABS + pc + Electronics

Product Packaging: 13*9*21 CM

Color: White,Blue

Gear adjustment: Second gear

 Product parameters:

Input voltage: DC6V

Usage power: 1.8 W

Induction distance: 3-5 CM


Suitable for a variety of viscous liquids, such as disinfectant, hand sanitizer, shower gel, shampoo, etc.

Electronic automatic liquid discharge is hygienic and convenient, and can be controlled at will without setting.

Can be placed in the kitchen, bathroom, office building, hospital, bank and other public places

Product features and features:

1. Uses advanced infrared human body sensing technology.

2. Automatic hand sensing liquid to avoid secondary cross infection.

3. Energy saving and power saving, 4 AAA7 alkaline batteries can be used for about 6 months.

4. The shape design is exquisite and small, which is a beautiful jewelry for home.