Partner Highlight: Route Delivery Insurance

It's hard times right now due to the pandemic.  In the world of e-commerce and shipping, online orders have positively sky rocketed. But this also means an increase in package theft, lost, and delays.  As a result of this, we've partnered with an amazing insurance provider to bring you added security to your online orders. You now have the option, by paying a small fee on checkout, ensure that your orders are protected from theft and damage that may occur during the delivery of your package.  Furthermore, Route is known for their 98% positive claims success rate and faster settlement processing time, versus the average competition which would normally drag on and take 3 weeks or more to complete.  We highly encourage all our customers to add Route insurance to their orders and have the peace of mind and security they deserve. Remember to insure all your orders if possible.  Read more about Route and their service benefits.

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